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professional fingerboard equipment since 1999
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+blackriver-ramps+ DIY Rail Bank red

+blackriver-ramps+ DIY Rail Bank red

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"Blackriver Ramps are the world´s first professional fingerboard ramps. After coming back from a...more
"Blackriver Ramps are the world´s first professional fingerboard ramps. After coming back from a trip to the US with his first plastic keychain fingerboard Martin Ehrenberger and some friends developed the first Big Mama halfpipe in his garage back in 1999. Shortly after, Blackriver was born and has been the leading company in professional fingerboard equipment ever since. Big warehouse DIY rail sale! These rails are for hobbyists who want to build their own fingerboard spot. The rails come with pre-drilled holes and screws. The feet of this round rail are sloping; it could be used for a bank for example. Size: ca. Length: 14.17 inch, Hight: 4.74 inch
manufacturer: blackriver-ramps, Blackriver Ramps
+blackriver-ramps+ DIY Kinkrail XL red +blackriver-ramps+ DIY Kinkrail XL red
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+blackriver-ramps+ DIY Rail Shotgun red +blackriver-ramps+ DIY Rail Shotgun red
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+blackriver+ Fingerboard Box +blackriver+ Fingerboard Box
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+blackriver-ramps+ Playground Bundle +blackriver-ramps+ Playground Bundle
€295.95 * €329.80 *
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+blackriver+ Ceramic Quarter +blackriver+ Ceramic Quarter
€29.95 *
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+blackriver-ramps+ 80s Tribute Halfpipe +blackriver-ramps+ 80s Tribute Halfpipe
€89.95 *
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+blackriver+ Jersey Barrier +blackriver+ Jersey Barrier
€26.95 *
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+blackriver-ramps+ SF Stairs +blackriver-ramps+ SF Stairs
€31.95 *
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