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Blackriver Easter Egg Hunt

It's Easter time!
Following a German tradition, we're doing the Blackriver Easter Egg Hunt. But instead of eggs, we hide colorful Wallie Pylons and at the end you can even win a custom Blackriver Pro Fingerboard.
Here's how it works: From March 20th until April 4th 2024 (CET), every order over 150€ product value will include a randomly colored Wallie Pylone.
One pylone will be very special: the golden Wallie Pylone.
If you're very lucky and find the golden Wallie Pylone in your order, take a picture of you and the pylone and send it to, because you're the big winner of the Blackriver Easter Egg Hunt!
You'll get to win a custom engraved* Blackriver Pro Complete Fingerboard of your choice, one of a kind!
*if technically possible