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Blackriver Fingerboard "Flatface artificial time"

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blackriver-i4Handmade in Germany

blackriver-i2Precision work tailored to the needs of fingerboarders

  • blackriver-i8From fingerboarders for fingerboarders
  • blackriver-i10Pioneers of the scene
  • blackriver-i7Guaranteed scene reinvestment
  • blackriver-i6Top cost-benefit ratio
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Original Made in Germany
5 or 7 Plies of wood, 4 board widths from 29-36mm in two different shapes and a big variety... more
5 or 7 Plies of wood, 4 board widths from 29-36mm in two different shapes and a big variety of real wear heat transfer graphics: Blackriver Fingerboards result from decades of evolution in fingerboarding. They’re handmade at the Blackriver HQ and undergo our strict quality control.
With this collab design in cooperation with Flatface Fingerboards we want to express our appreciation towards all the hard work they put into the scene.
designed by John Cowart
Attention: This deck features transparent graphics. The color of the bottom ply will be chosen randomly. No selection possible!


We are giving it a full revamp with this colorful navy look.


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