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Winkler Wheels "Junks" white

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  • WW1006080
In 1986, Martin Winkler began to produce fingerboard wheels for his own use. The wheels began to...more
In 1986, Martin Winkler began to produce fingerboard wheels for his own use. The wheels began to develop from handmade eraser wheels to the world´s first bearing wheels. Since 2002 the wheels have been made in Germany by professionals, for professionals. They are an essential component for the fine-tuning of your pro setup. The Winkler Wheels Signatures are characterized by a smaller contact surface. They are perfect street tech wheels, but can be used on any other surface. The Junks are the signature memorial wheels from Matthias Junker aka Pornstorm. Note:We recommend to use the wheels with Blackriver Trucks, as both products are explicitly made to match perfectly.
manufacturer: Winkler Wheels
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Dislocation Boardrails white Dislocation Boardrails white
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Winkler Wheels "H2T2" red Winkler Wheels "H2T2" red
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Winkler Wheels "Afrobi´s" yellow Winkler Wheels "Afrobi´s" yellow
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Berlinwood "Jeldo Ulpts Pro" Set Berlinwood "Jeldo Ulpts Pro" Set
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BerlinWood "Jeldo Ulpts Pro" BerlinWood "Jeldo Ulpts Pro"
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