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BerlinWood "Bastl Boards Time" Set

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  • BW4001010
The Berlinwood „Bastl Boards Time“ pro set is suitable for advanced and professional...more

The Berlinwood „Bastl Boards Time“ pro set is suitable for advanced and professional fingerboarders alike.

 A piece of Riptape is already included to get you started right away. This fingerboard complete set comes with a wooden Berlinwood deck with the „Bastl Boards Time" graphic, a pair of high quality Blackriver trucks and a set of professional Blackriver "Blank Street" wheels. Choose your deck from five Berlinwood deck shapes. This complete fingerboard also includes the Blackriver fingerboard tool. The 33,3mm wide complete boards come with the 34mm Blackriver Trucks.

The latest generation Berlinwood fingerboard decks feature a solid 5-ply construction and are handmade by professionals in the Blackriver workshop in Germany. If you need any assistance when choosing your setup make sure to check on the Blackriver Shop product guide.

manufacturer: Berlin Wood
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