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Berlinwood "Jay Walker" inkl. Bollie Setup

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  • KBL104200
Get yourself a beautifully crafted and designed fingerboard setup. The " Jay Walker" Bollie set...more

Get yourself a beautifully crafted and designed fingerboard setup. The "Jay Walker" Bollie set is definitely an option to look for whether you are a beginner or an advanced fingerboarder.

This fingerboard complete set comes with a wooden Berlinwood deck with the "Jay Walker" graphics, a pair of Bollie trucks and a set of Bollie fingerboard wheels. Choose your deck from five Berlinwood deck shapes. The latest generation Berlinwood fingerboard decks feature a solid 5-ply construction and are handmade by professionals in Germany.

If you need any assistance when choosing your setup make sure to check on the Blackriver Shop product guide.

manufacturer: Berlin Wood
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