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Blackriver Fingerboard "Girl Gass Severed" inkl. Bollie Setup

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  • blackriver-i8From fingerboarders for fingerboarders
  • blackriver-i10Pioneers of the scene
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Original Made in Germany
So far we had the new Blackriver boards with classic graphics, but that changes now. We sat... more

So far we had the new Blackriver boards with classic graphics, but that changes now. We sat together in the fingerboard kitchen and boiled up the new Blackriver Series, to combine fresh boards with fresh looks. Dig in and enjoy the ride.

Why don’t you ride a real skateboard? Well, now you have the chance. The first ever collabo between two high end brands in skate- and fingerboarding. Blackriver Fingerboards meets Girl Skateboards. Now you can get a pro’s fingerboard for your fingers and feet.

Check out Girl's pro Griffin Gass shredding his Blackriver x Girl "Severed" pro set here:

This fingerboard complete set comes with a wooden Blackriver deck in mellow shape (classic), a pair of Bollie trucks, the Bollie tool and a set of Bollie wheels.

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