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Dear fingerboard community,


To be honest, we’re still struggling to find words.


For our 25th anniversary, you traveled from 28 nations to celebrate this special day with us. We feel incredibly honored and happy about a thoroughly successful event. An event that you made so special.


In total we had around 1500 visitors, 122 starters and a new world champion. Congratulations to Ramon Angelow, who prevailed in a Game of Skate lasting more than 30 minutes.


But apart from a contest with an incredibly high level, it was above all a day for the community. The atmosphere at the world’s biggest fingerboard meeting was truly outstanding. We still find it unbelievable that the entire fingerboard world gathered in a village as small as Schwarzenbach an der Saale.


As you can see from this bumpy text, it is still really difficult to put what we experienced into words and yet two words keep coming back to our minds: Thank you!


Thank you to everyone who was there, thank you to the community, thank you for the great birthday and thank you for the great memories.


Thank you,

Your Blackriver Team