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Edition En Voyage - "Late Summer“ Juicy Apricot Bundle

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  • MBR101068
The "Edition En Voyage“   color   series " late   summer "...more

The "Edition En Voyage“ color series "late summer" celebrates the last memories of summer.

The first „Edition En Voyage“ color series focussed on color and form. A simple but elegant golden ration splitply board combined with summery colors.  The fingerboards are hand oiled and waxed. They are a special edition of the new Blackriver Fingerboards (33.3mm - 5ply).
The classic Blackriver "Ceramic Quarter“ originally designed by our teamrider Ruben Young gets a new make-up, too. „Edition En Voyage“ presents the quarter in light purple.
All limited „Edition En Voyage“ products are supplied with a fancy „En Voyage“ rainbow-mirror-sticker.
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