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Corona Shipping Info

Shipping Facts

Due to the spreading corona virus the transport capacities to some countries (incl. USA, Canada etc.) are substantially reduced.

We assume that this situation will be lasting at least for the next two weeks. We check the changing shipping regulations in the according countries daily and keep you updated.

Please check the FAQs of the German Post and DHL whether and how you are affected by the new shipping regulations:

We need your support

We ask you to help and support Blackriver during this difficult time by ordering as usual and allowing us to ship your order when the shipping restrictions will be cancelled. Only with your help Blackriver will survive this crisis.

If you don’t know whether you are affected or not, just place your order - either it’s fine and your order will be shipped regularily or you will receive an email with all the necessary information. Then you'll give us a short answer how to proceed with your order. Either you support and allow us to ship the order as soon as the shipping will be possible again or you cancel your order and get a refund. Of course we understand if you want your money back.
Thank you for your support at this difficult time and thanks for your understanding.

Stay home (fingerboarding) and stay healthy!

Your Blackriver family & team