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Professional fingerboard equipment since 1999

20 years of Berlinwood

It’s the year 2002 and the fingerboard world is still in its infancy. Superglue holds the cheap trucks of a big toy manufacturer together and the Riptape Tuning Set is the only board improvement on the loose. At least the ramps have already taken the path of professionalization but apart from that the available equipment for the common fingerboarder is still on a very low level.
It is precisely at this time that our hero sets out to change the world of many finger skateboarders forever. Growing up in a small village on the Havel River, he sets out to experiment with natural raw materials in the shadow of a mighty citadel. The result was a fingerboard that village elders still talk about behind closed doors. He was asked about it so often that he decided to open a forge and name it after the largest city in the country - a tribute to his homeland. Berlin Wood was born and our hero went out into the world to spread the good news.
On his travels, he met many like-minded people who gratefully accepted his wooden boards to replace the plastic under their fingers. Virtuosos in the use of the fingerboard swore by the new equipment and so quickly formed a team of loyal friends. Together they attended the competitions of the local and neighboring realms and celebrated their common passion.
But a shadow was looming on the horizon. The forge in the capital had to close its doors and our hero seemed to be at the end of his rope. But he would not be our hero if he had not set out to make a new start with fresh energy. With a heavy heart he left the home of the bears and wandered south. There, in the midst of a mountain range overlooked by conifers, he found a hamlet by a black river, which he chose as his new home. He tinkered with fresh techniques and renewed passion and, with the help of the local warriors, opened a new, improved forge, which still exists today. Thus, our hero overcame the dark shadows and found happiness with his new cronies as well as fulfillment in crafting optimized special equipment. And if he didn't die, he's still tinkering today.
That, my dears, was the short version of the story of Berlin Wood and Timo Lieben until today. Because this year we celebrate the 20th anniversary of this scene shaping label.
Congratulations to Timo and the entire Berlin Wood team. Thank you to all past and still today loyal companions and here's to more great years and all the coming adventures and innovations.