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Blackriver Fingerboards

We’re very happy to introduce to you the newest asset to our range of high quality products: Blackriver Fingerboards. After more than 10 years of producing Berlin Wood this will be the second professional fingerboard brand to be produced at the Blackriver HQ.


Berlin Wood will continue as normal. The separation between the brands simply assures more room for individual creativity for fingerboard veteran Timo Lieben as well as us. Each brand's identity will become clearer over time and there will be more room for individual projects. 


The new Blackriver Fingerboards will be available as 7ply and in 5ply mini logo version. Both in our trademark quality, of course. 


The mini logo will come in six different colors and therefore fits your personal style even without a graphic. On the other hand the 7ply boards are not only released with some of your favourite classic graphics, but will have our power pop construction. One step closer to skateboarding, the higher board strength will noticeably improve your pop. Your flip tricks will be through the roof.


Both versions will be available as pro and as starter sets. 


Check out the new Blackriver Fingerboards in the Blackriver Fingerboard Shop. Cheers!


Stay tuned for more new stuff to come and stay positive!

Let the good times roll!