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BerlinWood Promodel "Ramon Angelow"

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  • blackriver-i4Handmade in Germany
  • blackriver-i2Precision work tailored to the needs of fingerboarders
  • blackriver-i8From fingerboarders for fingerboarders
  • blackriver-i10Pioneers of the scene
  • blackriver-i7Guaranteed scene reinvestment
  • blackriver-i6Top cost-benefit ratio
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Get yourself the promodel of the one and only Ramon Angelow. A piece of Riptape is already... more

Get yourself the promodel of the one and only Ramon Angelow. A piece of Riptape is already included to get you started right away. BerlinWood fingerboard decks are definitely an option to look for whether you are a beginner, advanced or professional fingerboarder.

Choose your deck from five Berlinwood deck shapes. The latest generation Berlinwood fingerboard decks feature a solid 5-ply construction and are handmade by professionals in Germany. If you need any assistance to choose the right setup make sure to check on the Blackriver Shop product guide.

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