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Blackriver Fingerboard Promodel "Thom Mclnally 2022l" glow in the dark Set

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Original Made in Germany
The official Promodel of Blackriver rider Thom McInally. Inspired by nature, art, and the... more

The official Promodel of Blackriver rider Thom McInally.

Inspired by nature, art, and the work of William Blake, this artwork realised from Michael Ribeiro @ghostdagger reflects Thom's childhood in the countryside and his love for nature.

This is the brand new fluorescent glow in the dark edition of this graphic. Please note that these graphics are specifically designed to glow in the dark, under normal light the outlines look a bit "blurred" compared to regular graphics.

This fingerboard complete set comes with a wooden Blackriver deck with a pair of high quality Blackriver Trucks 3.0, a set of professional Blackriver "Blank Street" wheels, and the Blackriver fingerboard tool.
If you need any assistance when choosing your setup make sure to check on the Blackriver Shop product guide.
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