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Blackriver Barrier low to high B-Stock

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  • blackriver-i4Handmade in Germany
  • blackriver-i2Precision work tailored to the needs of fingerboarders
  • blackriver-i8From fingerboarders for fingerboarders
  • blackriver-i10Pioneers of the scene
  • blackriver-i7Guaranteed scene reinvestment
  • blackriver-i6Top cost-benefit ratio
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*B-Stock* is excluded from exchange. Above you see sample pictures. Goods might be damaged in different ways. Damage is no reason for a return.


Blackriver concrete obstacles are hand-crafted in Blackriver City and are the evolution of former "Bonsei" concrete.Adapted from one of the most beloved skate obstacles, the low-to-high Barrier offers real street feeling and more advanced trick possibilities than the Jersey Barrier. The Jersey Barrier and the low-to-high Barrier combine perfectly together.Size: 8.8 x 1.9 x 2.5 inchAttention: Fine hair cracks due to the slow drying process of concrete are normal and part of the realness factor of the material! The curb won´t break. Use wax to keep the surface of the concrete smooth, just like in skateboarding.

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