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Berlinwood History Mystery

It's a mystery. It seems impossible to understand and even difficult to explain. In the course of our spring clean, we sorted all of the outdated Berlinwood graphics into one cupboard, which over night turned into a magic vending machine full of top quality Berlinwoods. It let's us choose the shape but seems to shoot out the graphics at random. The machine takes 24,95 € per board, which is the price we'd offer to you as well. Means, keep on feeding the magic vending machine, tell us which shape you prefer and we send you a top quality Berlinwood with a random graphic. Just kidding. Of course we produce them in our workshop with a series of precise movements. How precise you ask? Well this video allows you to peak behind the curtain. See the magic behind every board and find out, why Stefan Klauser is only able to print graphics at random ? And when you're hooked, you can find the boards here.