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Edition En Voyage

Oh no, not another standard fingerboard brand!

Don't be afraid, the limited art series "Edition En Voyage" is as unique as it gets.
What's "En Voyage" you may ask? It's the creative outlet of Blackriver CEO Denise Hermann. It all started from an art project at university and has become her artistical playground. The brand represents travelling, movement, not getting stuck or repeating oneself, discovery, curiosity and to broaden your horizon. 

But as you may not know the brand itself, you definitely know her work. For almost two decades now she has been at the forefront of developing and designing the face of Blackriver as well as other related brands. With this new series she presents her own unique style and makes space for creative projects, collabs and new fingerboard products.
This is 100% Denise, this is 100% "En Voyage"!
Check out her Instagram @envoyage_dnc!