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Et voilà: Blackriver Wheels!

Blackriver has been developing professional high-quality fingerboard equipment since 1999. Our goal has always been to push fingerboarding forward.

Since then we wanted as many fingerboarders as possible to be part of our mission in order to keep the scene vibrant. That’s the reason why Blackriver started to design and produce professional fingerboard bearing wheels in 2010 under a different brand name. All stories come to an end and this opens the door for a new one. From 2020 we decided to put our creative energy in our own products and brand.

The new Blackriver Wheels assortment consists of Blanks, Classics, Street Dogs, Cruizers and Almighties. The well-known high quality approach stays the same, but there is more choice. Our wheels come with a fancy side print for a hyper realistic feeling. The Blanks are for everyone who prefers a minimalistic style.

From now all fingerboard pro sets will be sold with Blackriver Wheels Blanks in white. The Blackriver Wheels Blanks have the classic street shape.

Our high performance wheels are designed, produced and assembled in Germany. Our 100% quality control guarantees you 100% fingerboarding pleasure.

Check out the new Blackriver wheels in the Blackriver Fingerboard Shop. Cheers!

Stay tuned for more new stuff to come and stay positive!
Let the good times roll!