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Why are fingerboards so expensive? A comprehensive teardown

Why are fingerboards so expensive? A comprehensive teardown

You have probably stumbled across the question, “Why are fingerboards so expensive?” In a

nutshell: all of our products are handmade in Germany guaranteeing 100% high quality

material, craftsmanship and quality control.

Sometimes the price of a fully equipped fingerskateboard outruns the cost of a full size complete skateboard, making them quite pricey. In this article we will show you how our products

are made and what goes into producing a fingerboard.

What does a fingerboard consist of?

Our high-end complete fingerboards consist of a pair of fingerboard trucks, bearing wheels

and a wooden fingerboard deck, all of which are crafted in Germany. Our sets come with a

professional wooden fingerboard deck, a pair of Blackriver fingerboard trucks and a set of

professional bearing wheels.

 A professional complete fingerboard including Blackriver Trucks, a Berlinwood deck and bearing wheels.

Why are fingerboard decks so expensive?

Our inhouse brand “Berlinwood” pioneered in manufacturing high quality, state of the art

fingerskateboard decks made from real wood. We are constantly testing new materials, graphics and engravings, as well as widths and shapes.

Like normal skateboard decks, Berlinwood decks consist of a tail, nose, and concaves. The shape and standard form have been optimized specially for fingerboarding and fingerboarding tricks. Each of our decks consist of a five-ply-construction made from high quality wooden veneer. This ensures durability and a long-lasting product.

Before going into final construction we had to choose the proper veneer for the job. It had to be
durable, colorful and thin enough to be pressed into shape. Since then, we have tested and
manufactured decks from maple, bamboo and even plastic compounds. But since wood
allows us to be most creative and flexible in designing new shapes and designs we mainly stick to that.

Berlinwood Deck Materials

 Over the years we have had several different shapes and styles of fingerboard decks.

Developing fingerboard graphics

We constantly come up with new graphics for our Berlinwood decks, whether a

promodel or a special edition graphic. Each graphic has to be designed and properly laid

out for the right deck sizes, as well as tested for color consistency.

Pressing the decks

Maybe you have tried to craft some fingerboard decks yourself. The most critical part is

pressing the wood into shape whilst ensuring the right amount of pressure is applied to the

deck. During this phase the deck experiences the most force during the whole construction

process. This step has to be repeated for each individual deck.

Refining the Decks

After being formed into the proper shape, each deck has to be cut out, refined and polished

individually by hand. During this procedure we need to make sure all decks are intact and

fully operational.

Once each deck has the right width, tail, nose and shape, the holes for the trucks are drilled by hand. Finally we engrave the Berlinwood logo onto the top-ply and apply the graphics to the bottom.


Berlinwood Deck Ply

Berlinwood's colorful wooden plies with vibrant colors.

Why are fingerboard trucks so expensive?

Each of our Blackriver Trucks consists of 12 individual parts that are assembled by hand. The

design was taken right from the real thing – fullsize skateboard trucks. We got together with

engineers and professional fingerboarders to design a durable, long-lasting truck that was

made just for fingerboarding.

Before taking our plans into construction we had to make sure to get the right materials

for each component. A real challenge is the production of locknuts, threaded rods and

hangers. Because we also offer trucks with different colored bases we needed to figure out

the best way of coloring and painting the components.

Blackriver Trucks

Golden 34mm Blackriver Trucks on a Berlinwood deck.


First, the kingpin and pivot cup are assembled to the base of each truck. These steps

are all performed by hand to ensure a perfect fit. Next, the hanger is assembled.

During this step a threaded rod is inserted into the hallow hanger, preparing it for further assembly.

The base and hanger are then equipped with a bushing and washer, and attached together. To secure the hanger, a locknut is screwed on top to ensure a sturdy truck. Finally, each truck receives another two lock nuts on the thread for securing your wheels

to the trucks.These steps have to be completed per truck, so for each pair of

trucks, 22 individual pieces have to be put together.

Each pair is individually packed and sealed from its assembler, and made available for purchase. The time and detail oriented work of putting together a pair of Blackriver Trucks, explain why they are so expensive.

Why are fingerboard wheels so expensive?

The fingerboard wheels are probably the most important components of each setup.

Connecting the fingerboard with the ground. To follow the needs of fingerboarders we haveintroduced various shapes and sizes of wheels. Each wheel is assembled by hand and is equipped with a high performance bearing wheel.

Professional fingerboard wheels

Professional fingerboard bearing wheels on Blackriver Trucks.

This step might seem easier than it actually is. After production, each wheel must be checked

for mistakes and imperfections. In order to assure that the bearings fit nicely in the wheels, all ridges have to be smoothened. After that, the bearing is pressed in the plastic and the wheel is finally complete. Depending on the model, prints may be added to the sides of each wheel.


It takes hours just to create one complete fingerboard. From pressing the deck and refining

it, assembling the trucks and wheels and packing each set into its packaging. Each of the

steps are completed by hand to ensure the highest quality products possible. Quality always comes with a certain price-tag. Expensive fingerboards require a lot of attention, which is why you end up with a high quality and long lasting product.