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Avenue Suspension Skate Trucks G1 black

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Original Made in Germany
Delivery includes two trucks Rigid baseplates allow for compression before throwing tricks.... more
  • Delivery includes two trucks
  • Rigid baseplates allow for compression before throwing tricks. Once you pop and the pre-loaded compression is released, energy is expelled into the deck, providing a better response to the rider.
  • One of the biggest factors of losing speed is vibration. Vibrations from wheels riding over rough concrete, transfer upward through the board, slowing the momentum down. Avenue trucks help absorb these vibrations. The lowered tension also allows the baseplate to compress when riding through any curved surfaces like bowls and transitions. This compression enhances pumping, helping riders to increase their speed.
  • High compression spring loaded baseplate provides ultimate strength, yet allows for perfect flexibility to enhance performance.
  • Helps to absorb rough edges, chipped concrete, or small dents in rails, in turn allowing for longer grinds.
  • Provides riders with a first ever floating pivot point. It has been described like "carving through air". Since there´s no fixed steering point like there is on a standard truck, the steering angles are able to adjust comfortably with you as you ride.
  • Lightweight Magnesium Alloy HangerHollow Chromoly Axle
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